Documenting allergies & adverse effects using WebCIS, CPOE

An enhancement promoting patient safety with the documentation of allergies and adverse effects using WebCIS (electronic medical record) and CPOE (computer provider order entry) will be released Aug. 27.

This improvement is in conjunction with a new policy #ADMIN 0205, Medication Management:  Allergy/Adverse Effect Documentation, approved by the P&T (Pharmacy and Therapeutics) Committee and available via the Pharmacy Division web page at


  • Consistent medical information across electronic health record systems
  • Automatic identification of allergens found in more than one category; e.g., drug, food, plant, environment, animal, etc.
  • Real time updates between WebCIS and CPOE to e-Chart (nursing and ancillary documentation)
  • Same functionality using WebCIS or CPOE to enter Allergy data
  • LPN, NA, and CMA may enter unverified allergy information; unverified items must be verified by MD, LIP, RN, or Pharmacist before medications can be ordered for an inpatient using CPOE or a prescription written using WebCIS
  • MD, LIP, RN, and Pharmacist enter Active and verify allergy or adverse effect information entered as unverified
  • Medication interaction checks as part of adding outpatient medications, writing a prescription, and inpatient order entry processes
  • Legacy allergies stored separately from allergies and adverse reactions entered as of August 27, 2009
  • Patient record must contain active allergy information before a medication can be ordered using CPOE, added or prescribed using WebCIS
  • Allergy information automatically populated into WebCIS appropriate notes

Awareness and education:
Four courses in LMS (Learning Management System) provide quick and specific information and instruction.  Internal access at and external access at

  1. PHRALLERGY:  Drug Allergy Module
  2. ISDWCIS261:  WebCIS Unverified Allergy and Adverse Reaction (LPN, NA, CMA)
  3. ISDWCIS262:  WebCIS Active Allergy and Adverse Reaction (MD, LIP, RN, Pharmacist)
  4. ISDCPOE401:  CPOE Allergy and Adverse Reaction

A flyer, "Documenting Allergies & Adverse Effects as of Aug. 27," with WebCIS and CPOE screen shots is available here and on the Pharmacy Division web page.  Courses listed above are also accessible directly from the Pharmacy Division web page at without the requirement to log into LMS.

WebCIS Users may click HELP or a Tutorial button on the WebCIS Allergy List screen Aug. 27 for instructional information.

Call the Help Desk at 966-5647 if you have questions or need more information.

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