2011 Employee Opinion Survey results

The results from the 2011 Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) are now available. Your manager will discuss your unit scores with you by Sept. 1.

Thanks to the more than 6,400 colleagues (more than 87%) who participated in the 2011 survey, we learned the following about UNC Health Care:

  • We rank in the 74th percentile for employee satisfaction in the Morehead and Associates national database (up from the 66th percentile in 2010). Also, we rank in the 91st percentile for employee satisfaction among academic medical centers.
  • Congratulations to the 167 work units (43 percent of all units) across UNC Health Care that scored in Tier I, the highest category attainable in the Employee Opinion Survey. This is the highest percentage of units to ever achieve Tier I status at UNC Health Care.
  • More than 90 percent of us responded favorably to the following statements :

o    “I like the work I do.”
o    “UNC Health Care promotes a culture of patient safety.”
o    “UNC Health Care provides high-quality care and service.”

  • The items with the highest unfavorable responses are:

o    22% - “My pay is fair compared to other health care employers in the area.”
o    18% - “I am involved in decisions that affect my work.”
o    17% - “Senior management is visible at UNC Health Care.”

  • The most improved areas in the 2011 survey were:

o    Fairness of pay
o    Organizational respect
o    Opportunities for career development
o    Overall quality of care/service
o    Senior management visibility

  • Several opportunities for improvement were also identified, including:

o    Involvement in decisions that affect work
o    Recognition
o    Senior management visibility

“Thanks to everyone who provided feedback during the 2011 Employee Opinion Survey,” said Allen Daugird, MD, MBA, President, UNC Physicans & Associates. “This data is invaluable to us as we continually seek to improve both the patient care and work environments at UNC.”

Your manager will discuss your unit specific scores in detail by Sept. 1. Those work units with lower scores on the survey (Tier II and III) also will begin action planning for improvement as we enter the fall.

“I encourage everyone to share feedback with your manager and colleagues throughout the year,” said Gary L. Park, President of UNC Hospitals. “We host the Employee Opinion Survey each spring to gauge our improvement, but we want your feedback on ways we can improve the patient care and work environments all year long.”

If you have a suggestion for improvement, speak with your manager or send a question/suggestion to Glad You Asked.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2011 Employee Opinion Survey.