Pay statement changes resulting from HRx

Effective Jan. 4, employees will notice several changes to their pay advice statements. Read on to see the changes.


  • Community Service leave will  be displayed in the leave section of the statement for employees on the Traditional Leave Plan
  • Tax withholding forms (including the W2 as of Jan. 31) will be available on the menu options of the electronic pay statement
  • If you have a dependent enrolled in a benefit, the coverage type will be displayed; i.e. one line will display Met Life employee, a second line will display Met Life employee spouse
  • All benefits are deducted biweekly (24 times per year) including NCFlex benefits
  • Net pay earnings will be displayed as “current” and “year to date amounts”
  • If you have multiple bank accounts for distribution of your pay, each account number will be displayed on the pay advice statement