Price increase at UNC Hospitals' cafes

On, Jan. 1, prices in the cafes run by Nutrition & Food Services, including the Terrace, Overlook, and Corner Cafes, will increase 5 percent.

Why are we increasing prices?
There has been a 12 percent jump in the prices of our raw ingredients over the last two years.  

How much will prices go up?

Most prices will increase around 10 cents per item, keeping the cafes competitive with local retail food venues and allowing us to continue providing you with the best quality foods that the industry has to offer.

What can I do to save money?
Sign up for FreedomPay! Check out for more information. You’ll get a 20 percent discount on all items purchased at venues run by UNC Hospitals. You can link FreedomPay to your checking account or debit card, or load cash onto your card at our kiosk in the Terrace Cafe.