Mock Joint Commission survey follow-up on eyewash inspections and tube system cleaning

In our recent mock survey, questions were raised about the frequency of eyewash and emergency shower inspections. There are no regulations as to the frequency of inspections; however, UNC Health Care does have a policy that addresses the frequency for these inspections.

Eyewash stations must be activated monthly and inspected annually. Emergency showers must be activated quarterly and inspected annually. EH&S has prepared the attached log for your use. The entire policy can be reviewed at

Also during the mock survey, staff were asked how the tube station and individual tubes were cleaned if contaminated. Should a spill occur, the person identifying the spill should immediately report it to Plant Engineering at 966-4484. Plant Engineering will turn off the system until it can be properly decontaminated by Plant Engineering staff. Also note that if a spill occurs, a spill report should be submitted to EH&S. A form is provided as part of the hospital’s policy or you can submit a spill report on-line at

Should you have any questions, please contact EH&S at 966-0749.