Biggest Losers 2011

There is one more week to sign up for this year's Biggest Loser competition!

The final date for signing up for Biggest Losers 2011 has been extended to Sunday, Jan. 23. All interested participants should go to the Service Response Center to sign up. To get there, take the Bedtower visitors elevators to the basement of Memorial Hospital. From there, head toward GI Procedures/Manometry. You'll pass the check-in window on your left. Keep going until the end of the hallway. The SRC is the last door on the left. Lift the phone and someone will let you in!

Sign-up fee is $7, of which $5 will go to the prize pot, and the other $2 will be donated to the Children's Hospital!

Weekly weigh-ins are required! Participants will be charged 50 cents for gaining weight from one week to the next, and one dollar for skipping a weigh-in. These "penalty fees" will be added to the prize pot!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kim Green at or 966-2141. Click here for a printable flyer.