Joint Commission readiness - Eyewash activations and inspections

During the upcoming Joint Commission survey, you may be questioned about eyewash activations and inspections.

Eyewashes must be activated monthly and inspected annually. Monthly activations are conducted and documented by the Departmental Safety Coordinator or a designee. Annual inspections are more detailed and because of this, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is in the process of conducting annual inspections of all of these devices with the exception of McLendon Laboratories (that are inspected by a member of their safety team).

If a question about the monthly activation or annual inspection of eyewashes should arise, it is important to know that the monthly activations are completed internally by the department and annual inspections are conducted by EH&S. If a surveyor request to see the inspection records, documentation of the annual inspections is available in EH&S. Monthly activation records should be located in the department. Also, staff that may be exposed to hazardous materials should be instructed on the location and proper use of emergency eyewashes. Please review this information with your colleagues if applicable.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or the required activations or inspections, please contact EH&S at 966-0749.

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