WebCIS certified for UNC Hospitals to meet “Meaningful Use” Stage 1 requirements

Congratulations to UNC Health Care and our Information Services Division (ISD) on successfully completing the first step in achieving Meaningful Use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for UNC Hospitals.

WebCIS was certified last week by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to meet the system capability requirements for Stage 1 of the Meaningful Use Eligible Hospital (EH) incentive program. The objective of the program is to utilize the EHR to improve quality, safety, and effectiveness of patient-centered care.

Hospital certification for Stage 1 required completion of approximately 50 tests (using prescribed fictional “test” data) that included the use of a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system to enter medication orders, performing drug‐drug and drug‐allergy interaction checks, and the capability to maintain an up‐to‐date problem list of current and active diagnoses, perform medication reconciliation, and report on specified quality measures.

John Baba (IT Director, Technical Support Services) sent the following announcement at the conclusion of the certification process: “The tester has finished and had no other updates for us to show. He said that of the 75 EHRs he has tested (all but one of which were vendor products), that we were the best prepared and our systems were the most impressive he has seen. I am sure we passed and it took us only 5 and a half hours instead of eight.  Note that we are only the second non-vendor EMR system to be certified (after Partners at Harvard, which was actually their pilot university). My team was superb prior to, and absolutely rose to the challenge today.”

Our next step in the hospital Meaningful Use program is “attestation,” when we will be required to demonstrate “meaningful use” of our certified electronic medical record. Details on our plans to measure and report on our system utilization for EH attestation will be provided soon.

We plan to certify WebCIS for the Eligible Professional (EP) outpatient program in October, and will continue to publish information here about the requirements for EP attestation, including e-prescribing and maintaining active problem, allergy, and medication lists.

If you have questions or comments about UNC’s plans to achieve Meaningful Use for our hospitals and providers, please send them to: meaningfuluse@unch.unc.edu.

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