State budget update - A message from Dr. Roper and Gary Park

Please review the following update from Dr. Roper and Gary Park on the state budget and its impact on the UNC Health Care System.

Dear Colleagues:

We write to provide an update on the budget process for UNC Health Care for the coming fiscal year. As has been widely reported, the State of North Carolina approved a budget that contains significant reductions in all of state government, including support for the University of North Carolina system.

All state agencies share in these cuts, and it’s important to remember that we continue to receive significant state support for the missions of the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health Care System to teach future health professionals, promote scientific discovery, and serve patients regardless of their ability to pay. We appreciate everything that the Governor, the General Assembly, President Ross, and Chancellor Thorp have done to advocate for us during this process.

Below is summary of items from the state budget that affect the UNC Health Care System:

  • An $18 million appropriation for UNC Hospitals
  • Continued funding of the University Cancer Research Fund
  • Institutional Trust Fund Investment - allows institutions and UNC Health Care to invest institutional trust funds with the UNC Management Company instead of the State Treasurer

Those of you who have been here during prior fluctuations in the state budget know this is not the first time that our institution has seen reduced state support as a result of budgetary challenges facing the State of North Carolina. Just as our predecessors in the School of Medicine and Health Care System have overcome these challenges in the past, we are confident that together we can do so again.

We will continue to provide information as we learn more about how the cuts will affect the School of Medicine and Health Care System. And we again ask for your commitment to our missions for the benefit of our students, patients, and fellow colleagues.


William L. Roper, MD, MPH
CEO, UNC Health Care System
Dean, UNC School of Medicine

Gary Park
President, UNC Hospitals

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