Code Medic Goes Live Monday, Oct. 3

On Monday, Oct. 3, UNC Hospitals will launch a new medical response team, Code Medic. This team will respond and provide assistance to people requiring non-emergency medical assistance in non-patient care areas.

These areas include

  • The lobbies of UNC Hospitals (including Memorial, Children’s, Women’s, Neurosciences, and Cancer);
  • UNC Hospitals’ dining areas and restaurants (including the Terrace Cafe, the Overlook Cafe, the Corner Cafe,  and Starbucks);
  • Locations immediately exterior to the Hospitals.  These exterior locations include sidewalks immediately outside the Hospitals, the valet and handicap parking lots, the Loading Docks, and  North Medical Drive between the Blood Bank and the OT/PT entrance.

The Code Medic Team is activated by calling 966-4111. When reporting an incident, please give as much information as possible to include the following at a minimum:

  • Your Name
  • Location of the individual
  • What Happened
  • Condition of the individual, if known (awake, not awake, bleeding, etc.)
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