Coming soon from Nutrition and Food Services - Restaurant Delivery!

On April 21, Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) will launch its long anticipated "Restaurant Delivery" program. This program will take advantage of the retail concepts NFS has developed at UNC Health Care by offering our delicious items to patients. With Restaurant Delivery, patients will be able to order their meals when they are ready, thus, enhancing their food service experiences.

Angelo Mojica, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, along with his Associate Directors, have been regularly attending nursing staff meetings throughout UNC Hospiatls, spreading this news and answering questions. As a result we have compiled a list of FAQ’s:   

  • What are the hours of operation for Restaurant Delivery
    In the initial phase, patients can order from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Our second phase in the coming months will increase service to 24 hours.  This enhancement should help with the many late admissions we receive.
  • How do we plan to accommodate special diets?
    Our Call Center attendants can assist patients through all of the diets that are ordered here at UNC.  The patients individualized order loads in our software system which limits their selections to the diet ordered.
  • What about diabetics?
    Our call center attendants will be using software that can track the number of carbohydrate exchanges that a patient may have at a given meal.  Nursing team members will let diabetic patients know that they need to contact their nurse once they have ordered from Restaurant Delivery so that insulin can be administered.
  • Can family members order through Restaurant Delivery?
    Family members can order guest trays through the Call Center.  We can accept credit or debit cards and will send a receipt with the meal.  If family members are not comfortable giving out this information, they can still go to the Terrace Café to purchase a voucher that can be used for a guest tray.
  • What about our many Spanish speaking patients?
    A Spanish version of our menu is being completed and can be made available to our Spanish speakers.  We plan to have one Call Center attendant that is bilingual on each shift.

  • How do patients place orders?
    Patients just need to call our Call Center at 6-1278 to place their order.  We will inform the patient that the order will be delivered within one hour. 

  • What about patients who are not appropriate for Restaurant Delivery (have a broken arm for example and can’t pick up the telephone)?
    Our dietetic assistants will visit non-appropriate patients between meal service times to take orders.  If a patient is not available to make selections, we will provide a chef selected tray.
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