AU & 4ADU clarification

On Jan. 25, the Admission-Discharge Unit (4ADU) was temporarily re-opened to manage the surge in patient census. This unit may remain open for several weeks. To reduce confusion with 4ADU's re-opening, please read the following information.

  • Admission Unit (GNSH)
    Located on ground floor, Neurosciences Hospital
    Bed numbers: G101 - G107
    Tube station #941
    Phone number: 966-6321
  • Admission/Discharge Unit (4ADU)
    Located on 4 West
    Bed numbers: 4202 – 4213
    Tube station #139
    Phone number: 966-3349

In the event of a Code Blue or Adult Rapid Response, please listen carefully for the unit, location, and bed number. Staff members have been advised on how to correctly call for assistance in both clinical areas. Thank you for you assistance with this matter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Witek, AU/4ADU/BHED nurse manager.

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