New version of WebCIS effective Jan. 31

A new version of WebCIS was released on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Please read on for details.

This is the first of six to eight releases that will occur over the next 12 months.  Most of these releases will deal primarily with streamlining and improving the modules used by our staff to meet the “Meaningful Use” parameters.  These improvements are the result of feedback we have received from faculty, residents, nurses, etc. over the past few months since we released the “certified” version of WebCIS that met the governmental standards for an EMR to technically provide the functionality for the “Meaningful Use” criteria. 

Additionally, presuming we have the programming resources available and no other major regulatory issues arise, it is our intent to release additional functionality that has been on the institutional “wish list” for some time including, but not limited to: a revamp of the medication module with much added functionality, disease registry population based management tools, ability to attach images to notes, and improvement in the efficiency of medication reconciliation on discharge.

This release contains the following new functionality:

  1. Ability to document that a patient has “No Known Problems”
  2. Ability to document that a patient has “No Known Medications”
  3. New Tobacco Use Status and Intervention under Quality Measures
  4. New BMI Follow Up Plan Field under Visits
  5. New Nutrition Counseling Field under Visits
  6. New Physical Activity Counseling Field under Visits
  7. An initial version of the outpatient “Clinical Summary” to give to or securely EMAIL to a patient after a clinic visit.  (The operational piece of this Meaningful Use requirement i.e. who will be actually creating the note: nurse, clerk, doc etc. , will be discussed with and communicated to the different clinics and personnel by the Meaningful Use “coaches” who are meeting with each clinic. Future versions of the Clinical Summary will enhance usability and increase access for non-providers.)
  8. Inpatient Discharge Instructions and Outpatient Clinical Summary Secure Email auto populates the email address obtained from GE if a valid EMAIL address was captured at the time of admission or clinic visit.  These modules already are on the existing WebCIS version in production (without the ability to auto populate the patients’ EMAIL address field) but the use of them are just now being operationalized.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Robert Berger at for comments, suggestions or questions.

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