MIPPA eRx: A second e-prescribing program - not to be confused with MU e-prescribing

What is the Medicare Improvements for Patients & Providers Act (MIPPA) eRx Incentive Program? A CMS incentive/penalty program for eligible professionals who submit electronic prescriptions for Medicare patients.

This program is separate from e-prescription as a part of Meaningful Use (MU). Similar to our approach for Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), we will participate in the MIPPA eRx program as a group practice. This means that CMS will consider all P&A providers as a single group.

P&A Practice Quality & Innovation (PQI) has partnered with Family Medicine and Internal Medicine to lead an effort to ensure compliance with MIPPA eRx program standards, allowing the group practice to:

1. Avoid future penalties.
2. Maximize incentive earnings for 2012 & 2013.

How does the program work? Family Medicine and Internal Medicine must submit 2,500 specific CPT billing codes (G8553) to Medicare in the first six months of 2012 to avoid penalties and earn the incentives for 2012. We must do this again in 2013.

Who will submit the codes? Family Medicine and Internal Medicine providers will submit all 2,500 required codes. What is the total incentive and when will it be distributed? Our priority is to avoid further penalties and take full advantage of available incentives. The incentive program is complex and will vary based on the number of providers who meet MU standards, because providers cannot earn incentives from both. Our best estimates indicate that several hundred thousand dollars is available. If we are successful, all Departments will be reimbursed for previous penalties that they have incurred, and Family Medicine and Internal Medicine will divide the remainder of incentive.

We value your feedback and welcome any questions -- please contact Nimisha Patel @ npatel@unch.unc.edu or 919-966-7699 anytime.

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