Lose Weight with the 'Healthiest You' Challenge

UNC Health Care is offering employees a chance to get in shape as part of a free, eight-week program presented by 1360 WCHL and coordinated by the UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont.

As part of a "Healthiest You" team, participants will receive complimentary use of the Wellness Center, fitness counseling and healthy eating advice from the Center’s staff and motivation from their team’s coaches to stay on track. Participants will also get the opportunity to explore the benefits of Pilates, swimming, massage, jazzercise, yoga, boot camp training, dancing, spin and more.

Prizes awarded to the top individuals include a free one-year membership to the Wellness Center.

Registration is March 21 - March 29. For more information, visit www.chapelboro.com. To apply, use this registration form. Also, you can register by calling WCHL directly at 919-933-4165.

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