This week's prize winner for National Nutrition Month’s “Iron Dietitian Contest”

Our National Nutrition Month’s “Iron Dietitian Contest” has more prize drawing winners! Team Rainbow was a success with a huge turnout as they taught people how to “Taste the Rainbow” in Week two.

For those UNC Employees and Guests participating as judge as, we drew a name and the winner of the second week was Kasey Joyner, Pediatric Physician who will receive two - $10 Red Freedom Pay Tags that can be used at our Black Hat Chef venue in the Terrace Café, which features the “Lighter Side” concept – a delicious and healthy option.

Team Rainbow also sponsored a drawing during their week for a digital pedometer for participants who interacted and asked questions.  The winner of this prize was Sloan Holliday.

This week (week three), be sure to come to the Dietitian’s station outside the Terrace & Overlook Cafes to check out the activities and delicious treats while you learn about nutritious ways to “Get Your Plate into Shape” as they tell you about “Wholey Nutrition! – Processed vs. Unprocessed Foods.”

Next week’s team (week four) is stepping up the competition with “Healing Foods – Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food (Hippocrates)” as their theme.  What will they do?

UNC employees and guests that participate as judges are eligible to win prizes via a drawing.  The Dietitian team will be onsite between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Click here for the “Iron Dietitian Contest” schedule and rules.

So be sure to come check it out and have fun while you learn about nutrition!

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