Spring Cleaning of Stored Files

In an effort to consolidate leased space and better organize stored files, Central Distribution is asking departments to help purge unnecessary stored files at StarPoint.

Central Distribution is currently leasing a number of warehouse spaces off-site at Starpoint for the storage of supplies, surplus, and files. We are going to consolidate that space in the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year. In order to efficiently use the space we have and minimize our leasing costs, we would like all departments who currently have files stored by Central Distribution off-site at StarPoint to help us purge any unnecessary files. Please schedule a time to visit the off-site warehouse by June 15, 2012 to sort your files into boxes that must remain and boxes that can be shredded.

By June 30, 2012, we would like to schedule a time for Cintas to pick up the appropriate boxes for shredding. If a department does not contact us to schedule a time to sort their files, we will shred all files that are older than seven years old and move the remaining files to the conditioned warehouse space. To schedule a time, please send an email to Tim Allen and Mercedes Bowen at tgallen@unch.unc.edu and mbowen@unch.unc.edu. If you have any questions please contact Ayana Johnson at ayjohnso@unch.unc.edu. Thank you.

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