National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 27 - June 2

Next week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Please take a moment to review your emergency preparedness information for yourself, your department, and UNC Health Care.

History teaches that North Carolina is among the most frequently impact states by Hurricanes. Any storm striking East of New Orleans has the potential to impact North Carolina. Cape Hatteras is the 4th most commonly impacted city, including the Caribbean Islands.

Hurricane Hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents.  Of these hazards, inland flooding is responsible for more deaths than the remaining hazards combined. Please take a moment a review the preparedness information on the National Hurricane Preparedness website, your departmental emergency response and continuity of operations plans, and the UNC Health Care Adverse Weather Policy.

Should you have questions regarding hurricane preparedness tips or any other emergency preparedness issue, please contact the UNC Health Care Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Office at 919-966-6429 or

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