Pardee Hospital changes logo to reflect partnership with UNC Health Care

Pardee Hospital has changed its logo to reflect the importance of Pardee's partnership with the UNC Health Care System.

Pardee Hospital changes logo to reflect  partnership with UNC Health Care click to enlarge Pardee Hospital's new logo reflecting its affiliation with UNC Health Care

The following statement was released by Pardee Hospital announcing the logo update:

Pardee Hospital recently joined the UNC Health Care family. Along with the strength of this new partnership, we continue to hold a unique place in our community.

“For six decades Pardee Hospital has been providing high-quality health care to our region. Our affiliation with UNC Health Care makes Pardee clinically and financially stronger. Our quality standards have already attracted some of the best doctors to this area. By joining the UNC Heath Care family of hospitals, we gain the expertise, knowledge and resources that come with partnering with one of the highest-rated health care networks in the United States,” said Bill Moyer, Chairman of the Pardee Hospital Board of Directors.

Pardee’s partnership with UNC Health Care has brought insight, cost-savings, and made Pardee a better hospital. While, UNC Health Care has not purchased Pardee, Pardee has committed to a ten year management partnership. This partnership is so significant that Pardee has added it to their name.

“UNC Health Care and Pardee Hospital have parallel missions that support the communities we serve. Our organizations have also been recognized for providing excellent care and service to our patients. The partnership and commitment between UNC Health Care and Pardee is a milestone for both organizations. We are proud to have Pardee Hospital in the UNC Health Care network,” said Gary L. Park, President, UNC Hospitals.

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