UNC Health Care wins Fit-Friendly Award

The American Heart Association recognized UNC Health Care as a Fit-Friendly company of gold status in 2013. Fit-Friendly companies are selected by the American Heart Association for employers who work diligently to ensure that their employees are healthy.

Elizabeth Churchill, administrative coordinator for Ambulatory Care and co-chair of the UNC Health Care Employee Wellness Committee, said UNC Health Care qualified for the award through many fit-friendly and wellness program initiatives such as quarterly Employee Health Fairs, Nicotine Dependency program, and "Lunch-n-Learn" sessions.

"We retain our Fit-Friendly status by continuing with our wellness efforts and programs, developing new approaches and platforms to encourage better health, and always recognizing those who genuinely believe that a healthy employee is a happy employee," said Churchill.

Churchill also stated that winning the Fit-Friendly award shows how dedicated UNC Health Care is to the health and well-being of its employees. This award will further encourage UNC Health Care and its employees to stay healthy.

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