Epic@UNC hardware inventory begins April 15

One requirement for the Epic@UNC implementation is that we inventory all medical devices, monitors, printers, and workstations throughout our facilities so that we can prepare for integrating those devices with the Epic@UNC system. The Epic@UNC Technical Team has commissioned several Information Technology Support employees from Rex, Chatham, UNC Physicians Network, UNC Hospitals, and UNC Faculty Physicians, as well as contractors, to do the inventory beginning April 15.

This will be a house-wide physical inventory of all computer equipment including PC’s, laptops, computer carts, printers and medical devices. The inventory will cover equipment from every room in our hospitals, outlying clinics and support buildings.

The inventory will begin on Monday, April 15, 2013, and last approximately 4-6 weeks.

The inventory team will be wearing UNC Hospitals/UNC Faculty Physicians/Rex/Chatham badges and may be using laptops to collect the data.  They will introduce themselves and convey their purpose as they move throughout each department. They will need to enter sensitive areas including inpatient, clinic exam, and operating rooms and will adhere to appropriate protective clothing guidelines as needed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and helping us make the Epic@UNC hardware inventory and Epic@UNC implementation a successful one.

Remember that you can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.