Random Acts of Kindness video honoring World Kindness Day

After learning about patient safety culture, Paige Roberts, RN, CN IV, on 3 Anderson implemented Random Acts of Kindness as a way to share goodwill with patients and staff. As part of World Kindness Day in November, Paige and the staff on 3 Anderson made a video to share the kindness that's been spreading around UNC Hospitals!

Random Acts of Kindness video honoring World Kindness Day click to enlarge This is a cause-and-effect diagram representing the rippling effect of Random Acts of Kindness throughout 3 Anderson and UNC. “Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” Scott Adams

Random Acts of Kindness was inspired by Paige Roberts's interest in Patient Safety Culture at UNC Hospitals. Please take the Patient Safety Culture Survey by Dec. 20, and be sure to watch the video she created. To learn more about Random Acts of Kindness read here and below!


The 3 Anderson staff had fun putting together a brief video of the random acts of kindess occurring on their unit and around UNC Hospitals. Enjoy watching this roughly 6-minute video and catch the Random Acts of Kindness fever! Paige also made the attached diagram that shows the ‘acts’ that she knows about and/or that were shared with her, revealing just how much ‘kindness spreads.'

It's the holiday season - a time when both patients and staff may be experiencing loneliness or sadness. Maybe we could all take note of at least one other person and reach out in our own way to let them know we care. Everyone should know they are loved, but not everyone does. If you are feeling sad or lonely, reach out in kindness to at least one other person you think may be feeling the same way - it can lift spirits!

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