Introducing our Epic@UNC guiding principles of implementation

As the Epic@UNC Core Team continues its training, it is important that we all understand the guiding principles the Core Team will use as co-workers begin to make decisions about the design of the Epic@UNC system.

The Epic@UNC guiding principles are broken down into the following key areas that will guide implementation:

  • Decision making
  • Functional design
  • Technical design
  • Activation and Adoption
  • Staffing

You can review the full guiding principles on our Epic@UNC intranet site (login required if not viewed at a work location).

Additionally, UNC Health Care system executives and key workgroups will meet in early February 2013 to make key decisions that will drive the direction of the Epic@UNC project. When finalized, we will share these decisions widely. You can view the full calendar of upcoming Epic@UNC events at this link.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) also will gather for the first time in late February. SMEs will assist during the Epic@UNC project through their roles on Advisory Groups and Design Teams. SMEs will play a major role in validating and testing the product created by the Core Team.

As always, visit for all of the latest Epic@UNC news.