Therapy Services and CCM Discharge Planning and E-Chart Documentation Changes

The Therapy Services & Clinical Care Management (CCM) department will implement changes with the discharge process & e-Chart documentations that will involve all patients hospital-wide on the acute care services.

The Therapy Services and CCM department will be implementing changes within the current discharge planning process in the acute care setting. The goal is to ensure that the discharge recommendations and documentation is clear, concise and consistent among the multidisciplinary team without limiting the patient’s discharge options.

The CCM team and physicians will be the primary “gatekeepers” for determining and then communicating the best discharge plan (location) to the patients and their caregivers. The OT/PT/SLP will provide recommendations for post-acute care assistance levels for specific task and equipment needs.

The hospital-wide changes within the discharge process will be implemented on Monday, Feb. 11, in addition to changes within the OT/PT/SLP e-chart record and documentation. Please refer to this link for additional reference materials.

Contact Dierdra Bennett, Therapy Services Manager, at 919-966-5896 or via email at if you have any questions/concerns. It is our goal that this transition will produce positive outcomes throughout the acute care patient setting for both our patients and the multidisciplinary team.