New splash page on the guest wireless network

Effective Thursday, Jan. 17, patients and visitors using the UNC Hospitals GUEST wireless network will be presented with a new "splash page" prior to gaining access to the GUEST network.

The splash page explains certain limitations and conditions of using the network and patients and visitors will be required to click a button to ‘Accept’ the limitations and conditions before gaining access to the network.

Please note, we are aware that guest users often fail to gain access to the GUEST network. Capacity of the network is not currently commensurate with usage. The implementation of this new splash page will not alleviate that problem. The cost to improve the capacity of the GUEST network is being evaluated. If you are an employee of the UNC Health Care, please refrain from accessing the GUEST network so our patients and visitors may enjoy it. The network is not intended for our business use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our help desk at 919-966-5647.