Suspicious Trojan malware alert

UNC Hospitals’ Information Security Office has seen suspicious activity on our computers and network related to known Trojan malware called Zeus (aka Gameover Zeus).

Zeus is operated by cyber criminals based in Eastern Europe and is responsible for infecting more than 675,000 Windows machines throughout the world. Computers infected with Zeus may allow login credentials, banking records, and other confidential information stored on the device to be stolen.

Please be aware of spam email impersonating well-known brand names including online retailers, cell phone companies, social networking sites, and financial institutions. Exercise extreme caution in opening attachments and links. Only open attachments and links you are expecting or from sources you have verified.

This Trojan can be particularly difficult to eradicate.  We encourage our users to limit discretionary access to confidential information, avoid storing confidential information on end-user computer hard drives, and to report out-of-the-ordinary behavior of your computer to the Help Desk (919-966-5647) for follow-up.

For more information, please see: