Last chance to share your 'Bright Ideas for Health'

The "Bright Ideas for Health" challenge closes at 5 p.m. March 29; there's only one more day to share your ideas and rate the ideas of others. So far we've received more than 90 ideas - check them out and don't miss the chance to share your idea and win a prize.

Register and share your ideas.

We need your ideas and feedback on the following question: “In what ways can we better meet the needs of our patients?”

Bright Ideas for Health update

It’s great to see such a high rate of participation in such a short time.  We continue to be impressed with the originality and quality of the ideas submitted so far.

Don’t forget to collaborate and rate the ideas you would like to see implemented! Let’s keep up the great effort in improving patient care. Also remember that you are eligible for a random drawing of a $10 Visa gift card just by registering and participating. We have had three winners so far and will draw seven more names Friday.

If you haven’t already started, go to this link to register! You have until 5 p.m. March 29 to submit your ideas and participate in the virtual discussion of all ideas submitted. No ideas? No problem! You can view all ideas submitted and rate them (1 to 5 stars) and comment on them, help us find the best of the best!

Here's a list of the ideas currently in the top 5:

  • Chris Weathington - Capture referring provider and PCP information at the time of registration: If we capture referring provider and primary care provider information at the time of registration, this will ensure that the communication loop is closed in getting reports and medical documentation from the hospital, hospital specialist, etc.
  • Jill Frank - Clinic next to ER: To help deal with all the patients that go to the ER because they have nowhere else to go - but are non-emergent: Create a clinic - located NEXT to the ER that would handle normal primary care issues.
  • David Gerber - Electronic self-registration: Provide a mechanism for patients to pre-register for their clinic appointments prior to arriving at the hospital. Similar example to airline check-in during the 24 hours prior to flight.
  • Leslie Mason - No wait-waiting rooms: Figure out how we can remove the waiting from people's visits through better scheduling, building in the appropriate amount of time for a visit, and staffing with enough providers to eliminate the wait.