Introducing ‘Bright Ideas for Health’ - a virtual way to innovate at UNC Health Care

At UNC Health Care, we always strive to provide excellent patient care. We are proud to introduce a new initiative from the Center for Innovation to help us develop ideas to improve our patient care. “Bright Ideas for Health” is an online platform where you can submit ideas and rate the ideas of others.

To begin this new program, we want your thoughts and opinions on the following question:

“In what ways can we better meet the needs of our patients?”

From March 18 – 29 you will be able to register, submit your ideas and participate in the virtual discussion of all ideas submitted. You can provide feedback and vote on others’ ideas as well. At the close of the challenge on March 29, the most highly-rated ideas will be evaluated by a panel of internal experts to determine the winning ideas.

The co-workers who submit the winning ideas will earn a $25 Visa gift certificate and be invited to present their idea to members of our Innovation Council and leadership team.

Register and submit your ideas here.

By submitting your ideas, you will help us identify where we can we improve, what we can change, and new things we can implement to improve patient care. You also have a chance to provide feedback on ideas presented by others. So submit your ideas, read what others send in, and cast your vote for the very best ideas. There are no right or wrong answers, so start thinking about what you want to share with us!

Anyone who participates by sharing an idea or providing feedback will be included in random drawings for $10 Visa gift certificates.

Note: Rex employees are welcome to participate but please be aware that Rex has a similar initiative called “Fresh Ideas.”

About “Bright Ideas for Health”
The “Bright Ideas for Health” initiative is sponsored by the UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Center for Innovation. The Center for Innovation is a resource center that promotes the development of patient-centered innovations designed to address the current challenges facing our nation’s health care delivery system related to cost efficiency, quality of care, innovative health care delivery, and alignment of incentives among industry participants.