Daylight Savings Time Changes

Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, March 10. The time will spring forward from 1:59 a.m. to 3 a.m. Read more to see how to avoid any issues with e-Chart.

In order to avoid any issues with eChart, please ensure the following:

  1. Assessments documented Sunday morning should not have collection times between 0200 and 0259, since this time technically does not exist on that day.
  2. All glucometers should be docked no later than 0150 Sunday morning, and should not be removed from the docks until at least 20 minutes later, at 0310. After 0310 and before running any patient tests, nurses must run a test strip and re-dock the device to ensure the glucometer has received the time update from the Lifescan server. If glucometers are not docked, all tests performed after the time change occurs but before the docking will have the incorrect collection time on them.
  3. The critical care flowsheet will handle this change automatically – if your flowsheet is set for q1h, you will see a 0100 column, and then a 0300 column.  There will not be a 0200 column on this day.
  4. Pediatric units should be aware that due to the version of Spacelabs software we are running, vital signs will not appear in eChart from 2100 to 2200 (has to do with Greenwich Mean Time).  Vital signs should be documented manually during this period.