March 7 Epic update

"Discovery Sessions" continue this week as Epic staff members visit our Ambulatory clinics and facilities to learn more about the UNC Health Care System and gain a better understanding of our current systems and current operational workflows.

Teams of Epic staff, typically divided up by Epic software application (descriptions available on the Intranet), are visiting our ambulatory locations this week after touring UNC Hospitals, Rex, and Chatham Hospital last week.

Epic staff members will ask a few workflow questions (usually in a break room or office) and may then have a quick tour of the area. The department manager or other individuals can usually answer the majority of Epic's questions, but other co-workers are often pulled into the conversation at any point in the discussion.

The Epic@UNC Core Teams have created a Discovery Session schedule (Intranet Excel file link) to facilitate these visits. Epic staff members will not visit every clinic or facility during the Ambulatory Discovery Sessions, but we do hope to provide them with a full overview of the systems and workflows we use at this time.

The overall schedule is broken by day and session and further details for each session, including participants and locations, can be accessed by clicking the name of the Track hyperlink (i.e. Access, Orders, Radiant Radiology, etc.) at the top of each section. Minor changes may still occur, so please contact the Epic@UNC Track Managers with any questions.

You can view the team from Epic in this presentation on the Intranet pictured alongside art from Epic’s Verona, Wis., campus. Please welcome our visitors and offer any feedback you have on our current systems, as this will help us (and Epic) as we develop the Epic@UNC system.

Next Steps – Validation Session #1

  • After the March 5 – 7 Ambulatory Discovery Sessions, our next big milestone is our first “Validation Session” in late March. As a reminder, during validation sessions, representatives from Epic will present many of the specific workflows (i.e. – admission/discharge) of the proposed Epic@UNC system from end-to-end for a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review.

    SMEs will be presented with a potential workflow then vote with either a red (do not agree) or green (agree) note card to indicate whether they are comfortable with the workflow as presented. Based on feedback from SMEs on each workflow, Epic representatives and our Epic@UNC teams then review workflows identified as problematic, determine what needs to be fixed. Invitations for specific Validation Session meetings are going out within the week.

Remember that you can find the latest information on the Epic@UNC website and submit any questions you have using our online form.

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