Eastowne moves begin for Patient Account Services, UNC Faculty Physicians

The Eastowne Campus will soon be home to Patient Account Services and UNC Faculty Physicians. We are excited to welcome them to their new home in Eastowne.

On Friday, May 10, Patient Account Services will move from Hedrick to Eastowne Building 200. Financial and Medicaid Assistance are also moving to Building 200.

On Friday, May 17, UNC Faculty Physicians and UNC Physician Network staff will move from University Square to Eastowne Buildings 300 and 400. The spaces have all been renovated and the azaleas are in bloom outside!

These are the first of many moves, with full occupancy of Eastowne to reach approximately 900 people by July. Please fee free to peruse the Eastowne Newsletter and to welcome Kara Lingley-Brown, the newly hired Eastowne Campus Coordinator.