'Clean In, Clean Out' now under way

The "Clean In, Clean Out" campaign - UNC Hospitals' organizational goal to reach at least 90% hand hygiene compliance - is here! Please read for information on how everyone can participate!

'Clean In, Clean Out' now under way click to enlarge Make sure you "Clean In, Clean Out" this year as you work in all of our inpatient rooms.

Please visit the hand hygiene website for details on how all employees who enter inpatient rooms can participate by making observations, graphing observed compliance, and providing immediate feedback to their co-workers.   

Much appreciation to all staff who started collecting data during the first week in October – the “Unit of the Week” is the BICU, which had 18 unique observers complete 127 observations in the first week! Great work!

We will provide monthly reports on our "Clean In, Clean Out" compliance rate throughout the 2014 fiscal year. Stay tuned - and wash your hands!