Help us 'Clean In, Clean Out' - A message from Drs. Goldstein, Lindsey, and Tonges

Please read this message from Dr. Brian Goldstein, Dr. Tony Lindsey, and Dr. Mary Tonges and help us reach our goal of 90% "Clean In, Clean Out" compliance for hand hygiene during the 2014 fiscal year!

Dear UNC School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals’ team members,

We write to ask for your assistance in meeting an important organizational patient safety goal:  We aim to achieve at least 90% hand hygiene compliance for every inpatient area of UNC Hospitals.  

We know hand hygiene is the single-most important act of infection prevention and has been shown in our own hospital to significantly decrease length of stay, hospital acquired infections, and even mortality. We also know that this is also one of the most difficult goals to achieve in health care delivery unless everyone, including both clinical and non-clinical colleagues, participates in achieving success.

Beginning Oct. 1, anyone who enters or exits a patient’s room is eligible to be observed performing hand hygiene and eligible to be an observer of hand hygiene practices.

To help us reach this goal of 90% hand hygiene compliance, please:

  1. “Clean In, Clean Out” – Clean your hands (alcohol rub or wash) every time you enter a patient room and again upon exiting the patient room
  2. Remind others, including patient families and your peers, to do the same 
  3. Be respectful of your team members and patients when they remind you to clean your hands 
  4. Follow instructions on isolation signs concerning need for gowns, gloves, masks, or soap and water wash
  5. Participate in completing hand hygiene audits (instructions will be available in all inpatient areas soon and are online now at

All members of leadership will assist in reaching this goal by rounding on inpatient units and helping team members with education, data collection, and general support. Let us know if you have feedback or ideas for improvement. We are committed to reaching this goal.  

We will update everyone monthly on our hospital-wide and unit-specific compliance rates and are confident that together we will exceed our goal of 90% overall compliance for hand hygiene!

- Brian Goldstein, MD, MBA                   
  Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer      
  UNC Hospitals                           

- Tony Lindsey, MD
  Chief Medical Officer,
  UNC Hospitals

- Mary Tonges, RN, PhD, FAAN    
  Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
  UNC Hospitals