Slippery Sam campaign and raffle ticket drawing winners

UNC Hospitals Police would like to thank all employees who helped apprehend the notorious thief Slippery Sam while he was roaming the halls of the hospital during our recent ID awareness campaign. Read to see who won the raffle ticket drawing!

Congratulations to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the “Slippery Sam” raffle ticket drawing!

Winners are as follows:

1st place - Denise Scramlin of Human Resources
Slippery Sam-1st place winner Denise Scramlin


2nd place - Sandra Stokes of Learning and Organizational DevelopmentSlippery Sam- 2nd place winner Sandra Stoke


3rd place - Delta Farrington of Food and Nutrition

Hospitals Police would also like to thank each employee who agreed to be Slippery Sam. This awareness campaign would not be possible without your assistance.

Please help us keep you and your co-workers safe by following the safety tips below:

• Wear your UNC Hospitals ID badge properly displayed at all times while in the UNC Hospitals complex. Encourage your co-workers to do the same. This helps us to identify ourselves to each other, as well as to patients and visitors that may need our assistance. It’s also hospital policy.

• When entering and exiting secured units or areas in the hospital, be aware of others attempting to gain entry when the doors open. If they are not displaying hospital ID or required visitor passes, ask if you can assist them. They may be lost or may not realize they need a visitor pass for a particular patient care area. (All visitors to the Women’s & Children’s units need a visitors pass 24/7. All visitors are required to obtain a pass to enter or remain in the hospitals complex after 9 p.m. Passes are obtained from the Children’s Information desk).

• If you see unfamiliar people in your work area without visible ID, be customer service friendly and ask if you can help them. If they are lost, you can assist them in finding their way. If they have criminal intentions, they have just been alerted that someone is aware of them.

• Secure your personal property. Keep valuable items at home. Lock your office door, even if just stepping away for a moment.

• Pay attention to your surroundings. Immediately report suspicious persons or activities to Hospital’s Police Dispatch (919-966-3686).

By working together we can keep UNC Hospitals a safe place for all of us, and discourage regular visits from Slippery Sam.

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