Duke doctor, UNC nurse help woman give birth on Southwest flight

UNC Hospitals' Emergency Department nurse Victoria Bissette didn't skip a beat when she had to help a fellow passenger give birth on a Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Almost as soon as the wheels were up, a woman went into labor and actually gave birth in flight.

"It was a really cool thing, and they're OK as far as I know," said passenger Ely Alexander. "Never thought I'd experience that, yeah, everyone was saying the same thing. It was just amazing that that happened on a plane."

Passengers on Flight 623 could hardly believe their eyes, but say everyone kept their composure.

"No one freaked out, no, it was all very calm," Alexander said. "It was really amazing how calm it was and how many people came to help."

Luckily, UNC emergency room nurse Victoria Bissette and a Duke's Dorothy Simpkin were onboard and assisted with the delivery.

"The woman sitting there calmly turns around, she goes, 'she just gave birth' ... so we got a little blanket and we're like, 'here, take it,'" said passenger Kurt Reed.

Bissette said she didn't skip a beat.

Read the full story from ABC 11.

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