An update on issues with Dragon dictation

ISD is currently working with the vendor to resolve sporadic issues with Dragon not dictating properly into Epic@UNC. The workaround is to dictate into the Dragon dictation box and then "transfer text" into Epic@UNC.

The most commonly reported issues are:

  • Dragon stops dictating
  • Dragon dictates gibberish or misspelled words
  • Dragon spells words correctly, but spaces and punctuation are not correct or missing
  • Dragon accuracy seems intermittent or sporadic.

Even if you experience these issues, you can still dictate using Dragon into Epic@UNC. To access the Dragon dictation box, say “open dictation box” as a command to Dragon, or go to the profile menu in the DragonBar and select dictation box. Note that Dictation box is not the same as DragonPad.

If users have any questions, comments or wish to report the issue, please call the Help Desk at 984-974-4357.

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