Women’s, Children’s Hospitals to get new phones numbers, phones Nov. 11, 12

As part of the ongoing project to update the landline telephone infrastructure at UNC Hospitals, the Women’s and Children’s Hospitals will receive new phones and new phone numbers (with the local 984 area code) on Nov. 11 and 12.

An “Open House” training day is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 10, in Conference Rm. 4 of the Women’s Hospital Ground Floor. At the top of each hour from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (except for noon), we will hold a 10 minute phone conversion highlights class with an opportunity for questions.  

Also on that day at the bottom of each hour, we will visit a different inpatient unit in the Women’s/Children’s Hospital to talk to those who cannot attend one of the remote sessions. All in-person attendees will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card courtesy of Presidio, the consultants assisting Telecommunications during this project.

Support staff from Telecommunications and Presidio will be on-hand on the first days of the upgrade and beyond as needed. Feel free to call 984-974-2354 with any questions.

View full details on this project at this link. Key points include:

  • “984-974-XXXX” is the new telephone number area code and extension.
  • “984” is a new Triangle area code and is a local call just like a “919” number
  • Departmental numbers (usually one per department)
    • Will be indefinitely forwarded to the department’s new 984-974-XXXX number.
    • Calls to either the old or the new number will work. For example, you will still reach UNC Hospitals’ operators by dialing 919-966-4131 even though their new phone number is 984-974-1000.
    • Individual employee numbers
      • After an individual’s phone number transitions to “984-974-XXXX,” the previous number will forward to the new “984” number for at least one month WHILE the number is updated in the WebXChange directory.
      • Once the forwarding period ends, a message will play for six months informing callers who dial the previous number that, “This number is no longer in service. The new number is 984-974-XXXX.”
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