Epic@UNC team now reviewing Optimization Requests

Since our two Go-Lives, the Epic@UNC team has focused on stabilizing Epic@UNC to ensure it’s running smoothly for all users. The Epic@UNC team is now beginning its review of Optimization Requests.

The review includes items submitted via the submission process detailed here as well as HEAT/Help Desk incidents that were later deemed an optimization request.

As part of the review process, the team is sorting Optimization Requests into one of three categories:

  • The request is addressed as part of our upgrade to Epic’s 2014 version, which is coming in March 2015. 
  • The request is a duplicate.
  • More information is needed before the request is managed through the Optimization Governance and Prioritization process.

As the Epic@UNC team sorts Optimization Requests into the categories above, you may receive email notifications from HEAT if more detail is needed related to your request. If any action is required, it will be detailed in the email you receive.

Thank you for your support as the team has worked to stabilize and now optimize Epic@UNC.

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