'NONE, NONE' generic Primary Care Provider entry to be deactivated in Epic@UNC

To provide the best care and communication to our patients and referring providers and comply with Meaningful Use requirements, the "NONE, NONE" entry in the Primary Care Provider, Patient Care Team and Referring Provider fields in Epic@UNC will be deactivated on Monday, Nov. 17.

When a patient does not have, does not know, or is unable to communicate who their PCP and/or Referring Provider may be, new entries are now available to select (see below). A “Generic PCP and Referring Provider Options” tip sheet is available here.

Primary Care Provider Generic EntriesReferring Provider Generic Entries
PCP None, Per Patient Referring None, Per Patient
PCP Unknown, Per Patient Referring Unknown, Per Patient
PCP, Information Unavailable Referring, Info Unavailable
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