Animal Assisted Activities - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding UNC Health Care's Animal Assisted Activity Program

UNC Health Care Animal Assisted Activity Teams (AAAT) 


1) Q: How many Pet Partner Teams are at UNC Hospitals?
A: We currently have nine Pet Partner Teams

2) Q: Where can Pet Teams visit?
A: Pet Teams can visit in units where there is approval from the Nurse Manager and a trained liaison is available for supervising visits.

3) Q: How do you become a trained liaison?
A: You must read a manual, shadow at least two Pet Team visits and take a test

4) Q: Where are the Pet Teams currently visiting?
A: Peds, 7th Floor - Women’s Hospital, Hospital School - 7 Neurosciences, Surgical Onc - 3 Anderson, ICCU - 5 Anderson, 4th Floor Anderson, EDU - 5th Floor, Neurosciences Hospital, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, 3rd Floor Anderson Pavilion, Cardiothoracic Stepdown, 3rd Floor Anderson, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit, 2nd Floor Anderson Pavilion, Rehab – 7th Floor Memorial Hospital, Gero-Psych - 4th floor Neurosciences Hospital

5) Q: How can you get Pet Teams in your unit?
A: Nurse Manager approval and trained liaison(s)

6) Q: Who can receive a Pet Team visit?
A: Any patient who is NOT on isolation precautions and who has a doctor’s orders.

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