Stop Blood Clots, Save Lives: World Thrombosis Day

Join UNC patients and staff for the inaugural World Thrombosis Day on Monday, Oct. 13, as we join 100+ organizations to raise awareness and focus efforts to reduce venous thromboembolisms (VTEs).

In the United States, 100,000 to 300,000 individuals die due to VTE each year and VTE is associated with more than 500,000 hospitalizations. Further, more than 2/3 of blood clots in the leg result from being in the hospital. Other triggers include surgery, immobility, family history, cancer, being pregnant or recently giving birth, and using estrogen-based medication like oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. 

For the first annual World Thrombosis Day on October 13th, UNC is promoting three action steps:

1. Go to to learn about the risks, symptoms of blood clots and the questions to ask

2. VTE Educational blitz for all inpatients on Surgery Service units on Oct. 13. There will also be a road show on these units to talk with staff and patients about VTE prevention.

3. Visit the educational table, located in the main lobby of UNC Hospitals, on Oct. 13 to learn more about VTE awareness and reduction and receive materials to share with friends and family.

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