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Past participants in the Multicultural Fair share their thoughts about the event with you. Read what they have to say -- and attend and/or participate in this year's Multicultural Fair on Nov. 7!

The 9th Annual Multicultural Fair will be held on Friday, Nov. 7. The Fair celebrates diversity, provides education and promotes tolerance of differences. The day will be filled with music, dance, food, exhibits and crafts. We need our employees to help make this event a success. Learn how you can participate and read below to find out what your coworkers have to say about the event!

"The UNC Multicultural Fair allows me to see and experience the many cultures and ethnicities that UNC employees, and the communities we serve,  possess. It’s a time dedicated to highlight and savor different traditions and customs, while at the same time realizing that we all have so much in common!" --Mary Quezada, Health Education Director, Women's Health Information Center

"The Multicultural Fair is a wonderful program. People from all over the world participate. It shows how multicultural UNC is." --Eeva Bettis, Labor and Delivery

"As Program Manager for our diversity class, 'Dealing with Differences,' I have seen over and over again how hearing people’s stories has the power to lessen prejudice and change attitudes." --Susan Criscenzo, Senior Consultant, Learning and Organizational Development

“Having participated in the Multicultural Fair for the past two years demonstrating Sun style Tai Chi, I can definitely say it was a rewarding experience. So many people of different ages and backgrounds pass through the lobbies of UNC Medical Center every day and that makes it the perfect venue for a cultural immersion event. It was very exciting to think that I might have inspired a few people in the audience to explore this ancient and meditative exercise. Whether they think of it soon or many years from now, one day they may recall that they saw it and want to try it. That’s how it was with me years ago and I am happy to ‘pay it forward.'” --Patty White, Senior Employee Relations Consultant

"Every year I look forward to being part of the Multicultural Fair because it gives us the opportunity to learn about different cultures. UNC, as an organization, promotes diversity, and this event provides our staff with the opportunity to enhance their understanding about other cultures represented in our community." --Orlando Reyes, EVS Associate Director 

"We, as employees and clients of UNC Hospitals, cross paths many times in the halls without knowing too much about each other, but the Multicultural Fair gives us another ‘window’ of opportunity to learn and appreciate what some of our colleagues cherish from their land, countryside, town or country or origin." --Mary Quezada, Health Education Director, Women's Health Information Center

"What better way to 'hear people’s stories' than to visit the Multicultural Fair and talk with employees who come from so many different backgrounds -- and who each have a story to tell that will expand our knowledge and open our hearts." --Susan Criscenzo, Senior Consultant, Learning and Organizational Development

"Our UNC EVS employees have participated the past three years promoting a type of dance from our South and Central American culture. Our staff enjoys participating in this event and loves being asked to educate others about their countries of origin and the culture that they represent. Year after year it has been a great success for the organization and always encourages our employees and members of our community to participate in this unique event." --Orlando Reyes, EVS Associate Director

"My favorite part of the Muticultural Fair are the music and music-related exhibits. I have participated in providing music at some previous fairs, but I always attend to see and hear what else is represented by our incredibly diverse employee population. It always entertains and informs." --Ben Lavange, Employee Relations


"The Multicultural Fair is a fun time to share and exchange different cultural values –music, food, dance, games, traditions, etc.- which are the threads that connects us all!" --Mary Quezada, Health Education Director, Women's Health Information Center

"The Multicultural Fair is an awesome display of how UNC Hospitals embraces diversity on all levels. Our staff feel engaged and look forward to celebrating it yearly and I personally love to attend!" --Orlando Reyes, EVS Associate Director

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