Process for working STAT radiology orders beginning Sept. 29

As radiology scheduling transitions to a proactive model, we recognize that clinic staff need to be notified of STAT radiology orders that need to be worked for scheduling and prior authorization. STAT orders are defined as those needing to be performed in less than two business days.

A solution has been developed to keep these orders on the ordering clinic workqueue when the ordering provider enters the order with a priority of “STAT.” As of Monday, Sept. 29, STAT radiology orders will NOT automatically route to the central scheduling workqueues at Rex, Chatham, or UNC Medical Center.

The ordering provider’s practice staff must frequently monitor and efficiently manage their ‘orders to review’ workqueue. STAT orders must still be scheduled by calling radiology central scheduling directly.

Do NOT manage STAT radiology schedulable orders by other means (such as entering orders as “External”); doing so will result in negative unintended consequences down the road.

  • Call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 or submit a ticket using HEAT Cloud if you have any questions about entering/managing STAT radiology orders.
  • View full details on the transition to proactive radiology scheduling. 
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