Congrats to 80 providers recommended by at least 94% of their patients!

UNC Health Care administers the CMS-approved Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG-CAHPS) survey to solicit feedback from our patients. One question on that survey asks patients if they would recommend their provider's office to friends and family. Eighty of our providers had more than 94% of their patients respond “Yes, definitely!” to that question, which places them in the top quartile nationally.

In recognition of this achievement, each of these providers will receive the 2015 UNC Health Care and UNC Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence. We thank each of these individuals for their leadership in helping to create an exceptional patient experience and congratulate them on this award.

2015 UNC Health Care and UNC Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence recipients



Kathryn Bauk

Pediatric GI
David Berkoff Orthopaedics
John Boggess OB/GYN Oncology
Timothy Brotherton Hematology Oncology
Nina Browner Neurology
Robert Buckmire Ear, Nose, & Throat
Craig Burkhart Dermatology
Donald Bynum Orthopaedics
Angela Byrd Audiology
Ali Calikoglu Pediatric Endocrinology
Tim Carey Internal Medicine
Bhishamjit Chera Radiation Oncology
Paul Chelminski Internal Medicine
Cristin Colford Internal Medicine
Robert Creighton Orthopaedics
Donna Culton Dermatology
Timothy Daaleman Family Medicine
Elizabeth Dees Hematology Oncology
James Donohue Pulmonology
Jean Dostou Internal Medicine
Mary Dunn Urology
Charles Ebert Ear, Nose, & Throat
Matt Ewend Neurosurgery
Matthew Foster Hematology Oncology
Seema Garg Ophthalmology
Paola Gehrig OB/GYN Oncology
Elizabeth Geller OB/GYN Pelvic Health

Elizabeth Greig

Ami Goldstein

Internal Medicine

Family Medicine

Andrew Greganti Internal Medicine
Paul Hayashi Gastroenterology/Transplant
Mark Haythorn Audiology
Hans Herfarth Gastroenterology
Charles Hicks Cardiology
James Howard Neurology
Jennifer Howell OB/GYN Primary
Kim Isaacs Gastroenterology
Maya Jerath Allergy & Immunology
Hong Kim Surgical Oncology
English King Audiology
Tripuraneni Kirk Endocrinology
Christopher Klipstein Internal Medicine
Thomas Koonce Family Medicine
Moe Lim Orthopaedics
Alice Ma Hematology Oncology
William Marston Vascular Surgery
Catherine Matthews OB/GYN Surgery
Travis Meredith Ophthalmology
Bradley Merritt Dermatology
Michael Meyers Surgical Oncology
Paula Miller Cardiology
Dean Morrell Pediatric Dermatology
Maria Munoz OB/GYN Primary
Richard Murrow Neurology
Jacqueline Myers Orthopaedics
Patrick Nachman Nephrology
Christopher Olcott Orthopaedics
Ellen Pearce Audiology
Raj Pruthi Urology
Brian Rayala Family Medicine
Daniel Roque Neurology
David Rubenstein Dermatology
Janet Rubin Endocrinology
Timothy Sadiq GI Surgery
Heather Schultz Urology
Russell Scott Internal Medicine
Brent Senior Ear, Nose, & Throat
Amy Shaheen Internal Medicine
John Soper OB/GYN Oncology
David Tate Cardiology
Nancy Thomas Dermatology
Jan Ulrich Ophthalmology
Hendrik Van Deventer Hematology Oncology
Peter Voorhees Hematology Oncology
Amy Weil Internal Medicine
Sam Weir Family Medicine
Mark Weissler Ear, Nose, & Throat
Jennifer Woody Orthopaedics
Stephen Young Geriatrics
William Yount Rheumatology

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