Problem with barcode scanning during Hyperspace session

Please review this temporary fix to activate the Hyperspace window so that the barcode scanning works correctly.

When logging into Hyperspace, the default window should be active for use. However, a problem has been identified and currently the default window grays out, requiring the user to click it once to activate it. Most users will not be aware of this because they immediately use the keyboard, which activates the window.

This problem will impact barcode scanning because users normally open Hyperspace and immediately scan the patient’s armband to open the MAR.

For now, users will need to activate the Hyperspace window first (click on the very top of the window to activate it) so that the barcode scanning will work correctly. It will take approximately one week for the problem to be fixed. We regret the inconvenience and will communicate as soon as the fix has been made.

Please share with your teams and any Epic@UNC users in your area.

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