Flu Vaccine deadline for UNC Medical Center employees Dec. 4

All UNC Medical Center employees are required to receive a flu vaccine by Friday, Dec. 4. To document receipt of a flu vaccine at a facility/clinic other than Occupational Health Services, employees must complete the online Attestation Form/Survey to show proof of flu vaccine compliance.

  • If you have completed the attestation form and you are still on the flu non-compliant list, please carefully complete the form again as information may not have been input correctly. Do not leave any questions blank!
  • Inserting your Employee Identification Number (EID) on the form is required. Failure to add your EID will result in an incomplete form and keep you on the flu non-compliance list.
  • Please be careful when entering digits for your EID, as missing or transposed digits may not match to an employee name.
  • If information is missing or incorrect or blanks are noted – your entry is registered as an ‘incomplete’ and you remain on the flu non-compliance list until a complete attestation form is received.
  • If you are a School of Medicine (SOM) or university employee who has had a flu vaccination at your physicians office, pharmacy, or other facility, go to http://ehs.unc.edu/flu/
    • School of Medicine and University employees will use a PID number. Please do not enter a ‘U’ number at http://ehs.unc.edu/flu/.
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