ICD-10 Monthly Minute

It’s 2015, and ICD-10 is scheduled to go live on Oct. 1 across the nation's healthcare system. Coders, Physicians, Clinical, IT, Billing, and others in the UNC Health Care system have been taking part in ICD-10 practice and testing efforts for almost a year now.

Prior to the Dec. 1, 2014, delay, the majority of our applicable users had completed their online ICD-10 training. Because of this, we are encouraging those that have not been “plugged-in” to the ICD-10 efforts to revisit their ICD-10 modules on their “to-do” list in LMS as needed in 2015 to reacquaint and refresh the ICD-10 knowledge prior to the October implementation. For those that have not completed the training, we will continue to remind you to do so.

Click here to review completed ICD-10 training.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us here. Also visit our website for more information about ICD-10.

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