Peer Support Team now available at UNC Medical Center

The Peer Support Program provides compassionate and timely support to caregivers involved in an adverse patient event.

Caregivers involved in adverse patient care events have been described as “the second victim.” In the last decade, there has been a growing national awareness of the devastating emotional and mental health impact felt by caregivers when adverse events occur. We know from research that 1:1 compassionate and confidential peer support can help reduce the emotional trauma following involvement in an adverse event. To recognize this unmet need at the Medical Center, and with the support of the UNC School of Medicine Center for Innovation funding, we have developed a Peer Support Team. If you would like to request Peer Support for yourself or for staff, please contact any of the following (and view the flyer for more information):

For more information on the Peer Support Program, read our announcement from Oct. 9.

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