Two new 'Scan to Sovera' features on June 3

On June 3, 2015 the Epic@UNC team will implement two new features for use in the "Scan to Sovera" workflow.

  1. Previously there was no workflow available for using the Scan to Sovera function in Epic if a patient had no clinical encounters, and you may have been instructed that it was necessary to hold documents until an encounter has been scheduled. Moving forward, you can create an Abstract Encounter for use in Scan to Sovera if the patient has no other appropriate encounters for scanning.

    An Abstract Encounter should only be created if no other encounters are available. Please follow this SharePoint link for detailed instructions on using abstract encounters in the Scan to Sovera workflow.
  2. For users accessing Scan to Sovera from Media Manager, there will now be five encounter types available for use in "Scan to Sovera" (expanded from the previous list of three acceptable encounter types). The following encounter types are now approved for scanning documents via Sovera:
      • Office Visit
      • Hospital Encounter
      • Admission
      • Clinical Support – new addition
      • Infusion – new addition

If you have any questions about these two new features, please contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 or submit a ticket using HEAT Cloud (Internet Explorer only).

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