Nursing – Assessment and Vitals flowsheets consolidated as part of 2014 Upgrade

Once the 2014 Epic@UNC Upgrade is in effect on Saturday, March 7, nurses in acute care units, medical/surgcal units, and adult/pediatric ICUs will notice a consolidation of the Assessment and Vitals flowsheets to one flowsheet for all levels of care.

The change will affect patients admitted after the 2014 Upgrade is complete. For patients in-house before the 2014 Upgrade, the General Assessment and Vitals flowsheet will remain active until the patient is discharged.

Why the consolidation?

  • Reduce the number of tabs open in the Flowsheet Activity
  • Eliminate need to look at another Flowsheet to see documentation from the ICU or Acute care floors
  • Reduce the size of the nursing flowsheet preference list

What happens when Epic@UNC is available after the 2014 Upgrade is complete?

  • ICU flowsheet tab names will now be Assessment and Vitals.
  • All patients admitted before the 2014 Upgrade downtime will retain the flowsheet used prior to the downtime.
  • As patients get discharged after the 2014 Upgrade the “General Assessment and Vitals” will get phased out. 
  • Any new patient admitted after the 2014 Upgrade or during the downtime will only have the consolidated flowsheets. 
  • Each nurse may use the “Wrench” to remove the General Assessment and Vitals and use the consolidated flowsheets. 
  • The newly redesigned version of the Pain Assessment will be available in the consolidated Vitals flowsheet.
  • The Pain Monitoring Report has been adjusted to match the newly redesigned pain assessment. 

How can I clean up my Flowsheets?

  • Right click on the row that is no longer needed. 
  • Select Complete ______ Row
  • Make sure your “Hide Completed” check box is checked. This will collapse all documentation rows that have been manually completed. 

General Information 

It will be important to utilize the row completion functionality as well as the “Hide Completed” option to reduce the amount of scrolling and reduce the flowsheet size.

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